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Monday, June 10, 2013

logo baru petronas

tengok mcm sama jek...tp mungkin kaler dia ada mcm effect kilat2 kot...ntahla...tak jauh beza pun pd pandangan mata aku la... korang?


PETRONAS today introduced a refreshed version of its corporate logo at the 2013 Asia Oil and Gas Conference (AOGC 2013).

A renewed ‘look and feel’ has been incorporated to the original PETRONAS’ oil drop logo to reflect the visual expression of PETRONAS’ Group Positioning, reimagining energy.

The refreshed logo is part of a group-wide exercise to further strengthen the visual potential of PETRONAS’ corporate icon by making it more contemporary while building on the existing equity and legacy of the PETRONAS brand.

In essence, the refreshed logo symbolises the growth and progression of the PETRONAS brand.

PETRONAS was established during the oil and gas crisis in the early 1970s. Over the years it has focused on building its business and operational capabilities and continues to seek more efficient and better methods of managing and adding value to the country’s oil and gas resources and meet increasing energy demands.

This challenging spirit has propelled PETRONAS from being a manager of Malaysia’s hydrocarbon resources to become a fully integrated oil and gas multinational. The organisation was among the earliest national oil companies (NOC) to venture globally which has inspired many other NOCs to join the global oil and gas arena, changing the dynamics of today’s oil and gas industry.

PETRONAS will continue to play an active role in oil and gas by focusing on collective efforts to do things differently by challenging industry norms to achieve real sustainable long-term growth.

Throughout its journey, PETRONAS has ensured that people benefit from its activities through business and employment opportunities, education sponsorship and quality products and services.

The refreshed version is PETRONAS’ third generation logo.

The original PETRONAS logo was developed in 1974 when PETRONAS was first incorporated. The basic structure comprises an oil drop feature and symbol “P” that conveys its core business in oil and gas, and dynamism of the company.

At the centre of the oil drop is a solid circle that symbolises the complete cycle or value chain of the oil and gas industry. Meanwhile, the familiar PETRONAS emerald green represents the seas and land where oil and gas originates.

The refreshed logo’s softer curves have been added to the oil drop which depicts a continuous flow that symbolises PETRONAS’ drive for progress and challenging spirit in meeting the energy demands and expectations of its stakeholders.

The PETRONAS name has been repositioned below the oil drop and the font has been sharpened to enhance visibility and give prominence to the oil drop in the logo.

Issued by
Media Relations Department
Group Corporate Affairs Division
10 June 2013

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