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Thursday, June 13, 2013

celebrity2 penyokong Liverpool

n3 ni just nak suka2 je eh...betul atau tidak,,, bukan perkara yang penting pun...kikiki

credit to Liverpool Fans Forum

Celebrities supporting Liverpool FC

1)Caroline Wozniacki - Danish Pro Tennis Player.
2)Angelina Jolie - American Actress.
3)Samuel L Jackson - American Actor and Film Producer.
4)Pope John Paul II - Polish Pope (deceased).
5)Liam Neeson - Irish Actor.
6)Daniel Craig - English Actor and Film Producer.
7)Mike Myers - Canadian Actor and Comedian
8)LeBron James - American Pro Basketball Player and Businessman.
9)Sheamus - Irish Pro Wrestler.
10)Kim Cattrall - English Actress.
11)Nelson Mandela - Former South African President.
12) Dr. Dre - American Record Producer, Rapper and Actor.
13)Sven Goran Eriksson - Swedish Football Manager.
14)Billy-Bob Thornton - American Actor and Musician.
15)Melanie C - English Singer-songwriter and Actress.
16)Clive Owen - English Actor.
17)Graeme Smith - South African Pro Cricketer.
18)Stephen Graham - English Actor.
19)Theo Walcott - English, plays for Arsenal.
20)Cameron Mooney - Australian Football Superstar.
21)Robbie Keane - Irish, plays for West Ham United.

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