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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips bawa motor

Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

forward dari email, dalam BI...hantam jela...ekeke
tapi secara ringkasnya dia suruh kita yang bawak motor ni, cek dan ganti helmet motor kita setiap 3-5 tahun dan cara2 pemakaian helmet yang betul... aku pernah kena saman...sebab tak ikat dengan betul... memang sakit hati...

tapi bab ganti helmet ni, memang susah sikit la ek... maklumlah...pakai pun bukan sebab keselamatan...pakai sebab takut kena saman...ye dak... cakap jela dengan jujur yer...tapi aku sekarang dah jarang bawak motor...sejak dah pakai kancil tu...motor just bawak g kedai kat rumah jek...

Motorcycle accident has occurred too frequent around the world and most motorcyclists die due to severe head and neck injuries. Usage of motorcycle helmet is very crucial as it protects your head and is very effective in reducing head injuries.


Choosing the right motorcycle helmet is one of the most important decisions for a motorcyclist. The choice between a good and a bad motorcycle helmet could be fatal.

When purchasing a motorcycle helmet, ALWAYS make sure you have the correct fit by getting the dealer to measure your head. Whether you are purchasing a top of the range motorcycle helmet or a cheaper alternative, getting the right fit is vital for any motorcyclist. A poorly fitting motorcycle helmet could be extremely dangerous to the motorcyclist during an accident.


1) Grasp the helmet by its chin straps. Place your thumbs inside the straps, pull the sides of the helmet apart and pull it on your head by the chin straps.

2) Make sure the cheek pads are touching, not pressing on, your cheeks. Ensure there are no spaces between your temples and the brow pads or the neck roll and the back of your neck. The face shields on safe helmets should not touch your nose or chin.

3) Fasten the chin straps to keep the helmet on your head.


1) If you drop it, take it your local dealer, to check to see if it is still safe to use. A damaged motorcycle helmet is as bad as a poorly fitted one.

2) Keep your motorcycle helmet clean, using warm water, trying not to use harsh chemical products to do so.

3) Replace your bike helmet every 3-5 years.

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