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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pertandingan Fotografi Produktiviti 2011

Macam menarik je ni...sapa2 yang berbakat tu...cubalah weh...kalau dapat hadiah tu jangan lupakan aku...hahha cash money tu...sapa nak bagi...oh ye...mmg dlm BI tapi takan tak faham pulak kan...errr maksud aku...syarat2 je dlm BI...gambar tak...gambar bahasa apa pun bule...tak semestinya DSLR...pakai camera analog pun bule...camera phone pun bole kot...janji berseni dan kena dgn tajuk...kehidupan mesra alam...kalau ada gambar korang berpeluk dengan biawak pun bole...ekeke

Janganlah bagi alasan...

mario...aku takde dslr...camana nak masuk...? kan dah cakap...camera apa pun bule...camera phone pun bule...

mario...camana dgn aku pulak...aku takde kamera...alaa...tak semestinya kamera ko...kamera kawan ko pun bule...kamera jiran ko pun bule...tak pun meh cni...aku bagi kamera aku kat ko...tp ada syaratnye.... heeeeeeee

mario...aku tak seni lah... ooo kalau mcm tu... ko memang sama dgn aku...kita takyah masuk...kita tengok je kawan2 kita masuk...untung2 dorang menang nanti...bole belanja kita...ok?

How to Participate:

Entrants may send in as many entries in either analog or digital format or both.
Processing and printing cost of images and delivery costs (if any) will be borne by the entrants.

All entries on digital or analog submitted with size of 5R must be printed on ‘Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper’ which are available at all FDI Stations (Fujifilm Digital Imaging), FIP (Fuji Image Plaza) outlets and Fujifilm Dealers.

Rules and Regulations:

The contest is open to all students and residents of Malaysia except employees of Malaysia Productivity Corporation, FUJIFILM (M) Sdn Bhd. and their advertisers.

The theme is “Greener Living”. Photographers must capture image that reflects the daily application of the 3R concept (Re Cycle, Re Use, Reduce) reducing in less wastage, cost saving, energy saving, less reject and environmentally friendly and productive practices.

Photographers may use digital or analog cameras.

Those using analog cameras must use Fujicolor film. Prints (analog & digital) submitted must be in 5R size and printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper.

Photograph/s submitted is/are not returnable and all entries shall remain the property of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) who retains the right to reproduce, publish or exhibit them without notification or payment to the photographers.

Photograph/s submitted for the contest must not have won prizes in any other contest or published elsewhere.

Photograph/s must be submitted with the entry form. Students must have their prints endorsed by the School, College or University Administrator. Entry forms may be photocopied.

A photographer may submit any number of entries and the photograph/s must be snapped in Malaysia. However, the participant will qualify for ONE of the prizes only. The judges have the option to change the judging criteria and the prizes without notice.

Prints will be judged on the basis of compositions, clarity, content, colour and the appropriateness of the caption to the image.

Photograph/s must not be edited or retouched, digital super imposition, composite photographs, photo montage, trick photographs, digital imaging and image manipulations. The organizers shall not be responsible for photograph/s damaged or lost during mail. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

In every submission, the participants hereby agree to indemnify MPC as the Organiser from any third party monetary claims or otherwise.

The winners will be notified and they must submit the appropriate negatives or CD ROM (for digital pictures) before the prizes are confirmed. Failure to do this will result in their entries being rejected.

The decision of the judges is final and no queries on the results will be entertained.
All prizes must be collected personally.
Winner will be notified by e-mail or by letter or by phone.

Send your entries before 31 December 2011 to :

Director General
Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)
P.O. Box 64, Jalan Sultan, 46904, Petaling Jayahttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

For further enquiry please contact :
Mr. Syed Mohamed Azhar Syed Kamaruddin
E-mail : azhar@mpc.gov.my
Tel : 03-79512386 (DL)

Tn. Hj. Ab. Wahab Saad
E-mail : wahab@mpc.gov.my
Tel : 03-79568566 (DL)


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  1. interesting tp x teror..lame lg due date tu

  2. apa lagi rio..masuk la.. :)

  3. teringing nok joing.. tapi kamera besor xdok.. kamera kecik pulok rosok.. :( pinjang kamera buleh dop? :P

  4. alamak!macam menarik je bro..tapi aku tak de la power mana pon..sekadar mencuba nasib ape salahnya kan?^^

  5. ala mario kata tak seni la kononnyaa....try la! pastu kalo menang, blanje kawan2 makan ikan bakar eh? tenkiu mario! hahaha

  6. @oya

    sama laa...nak tengok gmbr pemenang je...

  7. @LadyBird

    bule je...kamera phone je pun...ekeke

  8. @grOundnUt

    good luck bro...hikhik... klu menang jgn lupa aku...

  9. @kech hidayah

    hehe...setakat ikan bakar...takyah tunggu duit ni...duit nuff aku pun bule...ehemmm...