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Thursday, September 15, 2011

MasterChef Malaysia!

Aku tak masuk pun...aku ni buat nasi goreng campur dengan cili sos bule le...ekeke tapi saje jela nak war-war kan kalau korang nak masuk MasterChef Malaysia ni...tapi ini khas untuk blogger2...nuffnang kata “Malaysia’s First Ever Blogger MasterChef!” perghhh...khas untuk blogger2 je ni...apa lagi...mak mak blogger...masukle...errrr... aku memang tak jumpa pun blogger2 geng ayah2 ni yang ada buat blog2 resepi...aku dulu pernah buat entry resepi...dpt sambutan jugaklah...ekeke tapi sebab takde permintaan... malas le aku nak buat...senang je nak join...tak semestinya resepi korang sendiri...

eh...lupa pulak nak cakap...mukan untuk mak2 dan ayah2 je...yang bakal pengantin pun boleh masuk...janji blogger...bakal pengantin tu korang yg belum kawin le...bakal pengantin 2 3 thn lagi le tu maknanya...tu doa ok...hehe kalau nak tau syarat2nya...klik baca lagi...

1. Write a blogpost on why you should be crowned “Malaysia’s First Ever Blogger MasterChef” or “Blogger MasterChef Yang Pertama”. Tell us why you deserve the title by writing about your signature dish/recipe (it can be an original creation OR a recreation of a famous/favourite recipe) and showcase your skills in creating this dish in the form of photos or a video. The more creative your entry, the higher your chances are!

2. Your blog post must include the following information:
- MasterChef Malaysia launch date – 22nd October 2011
- Show title – MasterChef Malaysia
- Program Details: – MasterChef TX will be starting from 22nd October 2011, every Saturday – Wednesday, 9.00pm. Master Class will be on every Friday, 9.00pm.
- Program channel – Astro Ria (Channel 104)
- Official Site URL – http://www.astro.com.my/MasterChef/
- Facebook Page Link- http://www.facebook.com/MasterChefMalaysia
- Twitter Link– www.twitter.com/MasterChefMY
- Background Information on MasterChef (Can be written in your own words if you wish) – MasterChef is a worldwide phenomenon. A cooking reality show, that although doesn’t allow viewers to vote, has still broken viewership records in US and Australia. MasterChef is a success because not only is Food something we are all very passionate about but the show only allows amateur cooks to compete. Malaysians who love cooking but never had a chance to really showcase their skills and be appreciated, now get the opportunity! Get ready for the MasterChef phenomenon to take over Malaysia on 22nd October 2011!

lepas tu kena isi borang pulak kat http://www.nuffnang.com.my/blog/2011/09/14/cook-up-a-storm-as-malaysias-first-ever-blogger-masterchef/

selamat mencuba!!and good luck!!

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