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Thursday, October 21, 2010

BPL: mimpi ngeri....

Pastinya ini mimpi ngeri bagi pasukan yang sekarang ini secara tiba-tiba berada di atas ...<-----ayat penyedap hati je ni...keh3

Liverpool target Frank Rijkaard determined to make Premier League move - report

Rumoured Liverpool managerial target Frank Rijkaard is determined to force through a move to the Premier League after he was sacked by Galatasaray, according to skysports.com.

Rijkaard, 48, was dumped by the Turkish giants this week after an unhappy 16-month spell. The Dutchman's reputation remains strong, however, following his Champions League and La Liga winning period with Barcelona.
Rijkaard has been linked with a return to former club Ajax, but his advisers are understood to have been instructed to find a post in England.

With Roy Hodgson coming under increasing pressure after a disastrous start to the season, Anfield could well be his next destination.

Bookmakers William Hill have slashed their odds about Rijkaard becoming the next manager of Liverpool from 2/1 to 2/7, following rumours that Hodgson will quit the club after tonight's Europa League game. The company has also suspended their market on who will be the next top flight manager to leave his club for which Hodgson was 15/8 favourite.-goal.com


  1. rijkaard mmg ada kmampuan utk mnghntikn mimpi ngeri liverpool, sm2 kita saksikan

  2. hallamak bro...dah lama tak follow EPL...eheheh..^^'

  3. Dengar gak khabar angin ni, mungkin bagus gak..Roy Hodgson tak cukup bagus untuk Liverpool..Good News

    lagi satu khabar angin, Rooney nak masuk Liverpool =P

  4. tak minat bola.

    mcm mane nak minat bola?

    pakwe aku kat ump tu suke tgk bola kat kafe. ape yg menarik den pon tak tau!

  5. tumpang sedih bila tengok nasib team kita...

  6. hahha.. dah top ke skrang..? ekeke.. takpe mario.. yang penting kena setia..