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Thursday, May 28, 2009

mu vs barca - komen ikhlas aku

hahahaha....aku sebnrnya nak citer pasal cuti aku kat Bandung ari tu tp nnt la...sbb nak komen psl ni dulu.Td kat pangkin belum duduk lg aku tgk dr jauh je kawan aku kipas mati keras MU la konon dok senyum2 ngan aku...hehehee belumtanya apa2 lagi dah dia kata aku tak layak nak komen la.... kurang2 dia dah dapat juara liga la...csea pun mugkin dapat FA la....aku diam jela.... tp semalam dia kt aku ptt banggala sebb MU konon2 wakil kelab inggeris la....ntahape2 la dorng nie.... komen aku....MU sebnrnya memalukan kelab inggeris....kene ayam jer...aku mmg dah hagak.... spirit nak melawan tu mmg takde...hampeh...main mcm org bodoh je aku tgk...hehehehe....klu klh tapi main cantik ke...bersemangat ke....ok la...nie....main dah semangat dah tp kene ayam gak.... sbb bukan bagus pun MU ni.sib baik je msk final sbb laluan dorg mudah2...mls la aku nak komen lg...sbb hanya makian je yg layak utk dorang nie.... hehehehe

Thursday, May 21, 2009

posting mp3 lagu lama

salam semua yang mencari2 post mp3 lagu2 lama..... sebenarnya aku dah delete post2 tu...sebab rasa berslah la pulak... ms mula2 dulu aku ingat nak simpan sbb susah nak dpt stok lagu2 lama ni.Aku ada byk sebenarnya....ada beratus-ratus....ada yang aku tak penah dengar pun namanya... mmg lama gila...hehehehe aku ingat zaman2 40-50 an la sbb muzik dia mmg dengar macam dr piring hitam punya recorded.Mmg best kalau dengar kat pangkin tepi sawah....anyway kalau ada yang berminat aku ingat aku repostla....bukan nak jual tapi nak simpan mcm arkib la konon2nya... so...kalu ada yg minat, tinggalkan aje kat shout box nnt aku repost...

Harlem Globtrotters

Alamak......rupanya harlem g dah datang malaysia la.....aku baru nak kumpul clip2 menarik dorng... rupanya dah smpai m'sia. Rugi aku tak tgk live.... hehehe but anyway boleh cari kat youtube nnt...
Esok nak gi bandung dah....tak sabarla pulak.... harap2 semuanya berjalan lancar le......nnt kalu ada pic 2 menarik aku post le at sini yek....Baju pun tak kemas lg....huh...malam ni baru siap2kan.... bukan susah pun...baju pun bawak skit jew....sebab nak beli kat sana...konon2nyela..ishhhh.... aku tak sabar dah nie....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MU juara

tahniah ler....hehehehe apa lagi nak cakap....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Even 'James Bond' admire Gerrard

Yesterday, Teves said want to play with the Kops...and now James Bond Craig also admires our hero stevie G.heheheh atlast Liverpool got one medal...hahahaha

Steven Gerrard voted Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year

THE pair stood in Liverpool’s foyer, one immaculate in a classy hand-man grey suit, the other with a leather jacket.

Steven Gerrard wanted to be photographed with James Bond star Daniel Craig. And there’s no prizes for guessing who looked the part in the suit.

Craig is a Liverpool fan and idolises Gerrard. The duo cut a very special dash together.

Gerrard was jokingly asked which one was James Bond, and his reply was: "I’d love it to be me."

I’ve got news for you Steven. You are Liverpool’s James Bond, the super-hero who carries the hopes and prayers of a generation of Liverpool fans, Craig included.

And now Gerrard has been voted the Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year, following in the illustrious footsteps of Stanley Matthews, Bobby Moore, George Best, Nat Lofthouse and Tom Finney.

Giants of the game, and now the Huyton-born Liverpool captain can rub shoulders with the true greats.

In a season when Manchester United could win four trophies, the league title again, the European Cup again, the skipper of the team who pushed them closest but still failed is considered our best player.

There will be plenty, from all club persuasions, who would heartily endorse the choice.

Gerrard’s triumph is a victory for a working class hero. He is the player everyone would want in their side.

The player who loves and plays for the club he has supported all his life, the player every fan would want their own players to be like.

The player who will sweat blood until Liverpool are league champions again. It probably won’t be this season, but everyone knows Gerrard will be back at Manchester United’s throats again in August. And he is not going away.

Gerrard is Liverpool. A famous son of a great, sometimes maligned, city. He could have gone to Chelsea, earned plenty and won plenty. Sir Alex Ferguson would have walked the length of the East Lancs Road to sign him.

But to Gerrard, winning just one league title with Liverpool is worth a hatful anywhere else.

We all want our own players to live and breathe our club, just like we all do. To cry when we lose, to show every conceivable emotion and hurt when it all goes wrong.

Steven Gerrard is that man. Gerrard was summed up by young West Ham midfielder Mark Noble at the weekend, after an evening chasing the Liverpool man all over the Boleyn Ground pitch.

Noble can understand what drives Gerrard. The youngster is born and bred West Ham, just like Gerrard is at Liverpool. And the young midfielder said: "He is just the best there is, isn’t he? Anywhere in the world."

The Footballer of the Year crown has gone to many who are not fit to wear Gerrard’s boots. Players who do not understand the merits of loyalty, passion and respect for the community they were born into.

But Gerrard has carried the flag for Liverpool, the city, since he broke into the team. This season he has driven, led, forced Liverpool to within touching distance of United’s crown.

He said recently: "It would mean an awful lot more to be successful at Liverpool than it would at any other club.

"I might have won more medals somewhere else, but if I was to win the league here along with a few more cups, that would mean a lot more than winning seven or eight trophies elsewhere.

"I can share it with my family, with the Liverpool supporters because I have been one of them all my life.

"I could have gone to Chelsea - and their interest turned my head slightly. But I look back now and I am really pleased I decided to stay. I am part of a top team here that can be successful."

He added: "Every day I am captain of one of the biggest clubs in the world, where you are expected to win every single game."

Single-handedly at times, Gerrard has done just that. The man who dragged Liverpool back into the 2005 European Cup final, the man who struck an amazing 35-yard effort in injury time to all but win the FA Cup a year later.

He is paid over £100,000 a week and he knows his worth - but so do Liverpool’s support and the fans of every club in the country who envy Liverpool’s star attraction.

Gerrard, these days, is a rarity. He is destined to be a one-club man and if he does lift the Premier League trophy, even the Old Trafford hordes cannot deny him his moment.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


ahahaa....my account said that i have rm1.00. Yesss.... hehehe. Don't really know actually how it works but it sure make me happy enough... hahahaha.After read somebody got 1k after 2 years,make me wondering can i do the same within 2 years?That's a challenge to me...

And I've successfully put Nuffnang xchange widget into my blog and again have to admit i dont really know what it can do to my blog hehehe.but we will see what it can do....

Liverpool....boleh ke?

Mmmmm.... Walaupun aku tetap sokong liverpool tp harus diakui peluang tersgtla tipis untuk grab apa2 title pun tahun ni. Nak buat camaner.... byk sgt seri...anyway,semoga tahun depan liv tak bg chance lagi kat kelab2 kerdil... hehehe. sebab bagi la tu title terlepas lg..
Anyway, sekrg ni aku nak tgk Newcastle je....boleh kekal ke bpl?sian kat jiran aku ...Owen ... hehehe.Malam tadi menang...peluang tetap ada tp kene menang 2 game lg la.
Balik ke peluang liverpool...mmg susah la kalu nak harapkan MU kalah...mmgla tak mustahil tapi kelab2 yg dia jumpa semua cap ayam je kecuali arsie tapi arsie pun mcm dah tak semangat nak main je. kene belasahla pulak ari tu ngan Blues.Fan MU selamba je kata kalah ngan Arsie pun tak pe....hehehe

Monday, May 11, 2009

Operate your html

This blog maybe will not be update since i have to operate my other blog http://macam2winda.blogspot.com/. This is due to i want to learn how to edit html.So,if you accidently go to that blog maybe it will show you different template for every visits or same template with different look.
OK bro and sis.... wish me luck.... hahahaha

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i have got rm 0.50 from nuffang.rm 49.50 to get my first cheque. hehehe....

No wonder there is somebody out there can make money by just blogging. I wonder how they can do it. Yess... i will try to break their secret... ahahaha and will reveal it here.... or.... the secret have been reveal, only me that dont know how to get it....hehehe

Arsenal vs MU - my prediction

This will be interesting game compare with Blues vs Barca because blues will not play football with Barca... ahahaha. Eventhough i am not arse or Mu fan but i will certainly watch this. Who ever win, i am not really care as long as both team shows good game but i like to predict thou heheheh
My prediction will be... mmmmm... though i dont like MU but i have to admit that mu will go to final. Maybe this game will be draw 1-1. We see now live at #812 astro.....
Just 11 mnt my prediction is wrong... ahahaha but i'm right in Mu go to final hehehe

Sunday, May 3, 2009

boro vs mu

malam tadi dah takde ape nak tgk... aku pun tertengok le game paling boring...MU menang 0-2. Hampeh je game tu sampai aku tertidur.Yang paling aku tak puas hati soalan yg dorang bg... Brapaa byk gol yg MU akan jaringkan.?Bunyi macam la konon2 MU bole score banyak tp 2 je beb. Bodoh punya soalan.....

how to uninstall your microsoft office 2007 trial

Kadang-kadang bila kita beli laptop, dia datang sekali dengan microsoft office trial untuk 60 hari pastu dah tak bole guna.Mmg suwei betul la kan.Tu pasal bila beli laptop kene suruh kedai tu siap install office yang bole guna sampai 60 tahun... hahahah.So,lepas 60 hari tu nak buat ape... cam biasala ada dua cara
1. beli yang ori dan install.....senang jerr
2.donlod sendiri yang orang bg free tu (faham2 jela)dan install.Senang jugak tp sebelum install kene uninstall dulu yang trial tu guna software ni. ko donlod le sendiri.dah siap baru install yang baru....
oppsss ada lagi satu ...bole guna open office. Free ni ... size lbh kurang +130 mb jer...Setakat microsoft office nyer file mmg takde masalah le nak bukak.

Macamana nak burn iso file

Ada kawan aku tanya mcm mana nk burn iso file dalam cd..dia dah download window xp sp3, burn guna nero dan try nk format tapi dia x baca pun mcm cd window..

senang je bro...sebenarnya ko kene extract kan file iso ko tu guna winrar....ko akan dapat file yang ada kat dalan iso tu... pastu baru burn ke cd.... camtu je...ada lg cara kedua tapi ko buat jela cara gini... lg senang ..

erkkk....pirate punya ke ko donlod tu... hahaha